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What kind of paper is used?

The paper used for every cut, watercolor or print is carefully chosen to complement its specific needs and make it the best that it can be. As I have a big love for paper, the quality pays a big part for me in my work.

The paper used for each print is a 300 gsm paper with a soft of white tone. It's locally produced in Lessebo, Sweden and environmentally conscious and climate friendly. The paper mill has been active since 1693 and all their paper is produced in harmony with nature.


If you are interested in owning your own original watercolor, paper cut or print I'm more than happy to help create a custom piece upon your requests. Please contact me at info@angelicasollander do discuss further details including price, size and motif.

Good to know

There may be slight variation in color between the pictures found in the online shop and the actual object. It's nearly impossible to recreate the exact color tone digitaly, but we always try to come as close as possible.

Color pigment is often sensitive to harsh sun light, which can cause bleaching to the object. Please keep all the products out of direct sunlight to make sure they stay long lasting and beautiful objects. 

Concerning water, the paper used is not water resistant and contact with water and even high moisture will cause considerable damage to the paper.

Bends and tears in the paper will also create permanent marks. Having 300 gsm paper allowes the prints to be easier to handle without causing marks, compared to light weight papers, but being careful when handling fragile materials always work at an advantage.

What can I do with my paper cuts?

Anything you want. They are all unique pieces of art and can be framed, part of a bigger assembly or placed somewhere special. 

If you're hanging them on the wall, hanging them slightly off the wall will create shadow and make them really come to life. 


All prices are listed in Swedish Krona (SEK), including swedish VAT. International orders might be subject to local taxes or cutoms fees, for more information regarding such fees, please contact your local customs department.

Delivery and shipping

Angelica Sollander ships worldwide. All in stock orders will be shipped by regular post 3-7 business days after you have placed your order.

The shipping cost of your order will vary depending on the products weight and size, as well as where the order is being shipped to.

If you'd like special shipping or the possibility to tracK your order, please contact before placing your order.

Shipping charges


Sweden: 7 SEK

Everywhere else: 14 SEK

Paper cuts 

Sweden: 14 SEK

Everywhere else: 30 SEK


Larger items such as prints are heavier due to their packaging, We package prints carefully to make sure they are safe and crisp on their way to your mail box.

Sweden: 49 SEK

Everywhere else: 98 SEK

To the extent possible, we try to ship orders of multiple items together.

Estimated Delivery time

Estimated delivery time after order is sent:

Sweden: 1 -3 business days

Europe: 2 - 7 business days

Rest of the world: 6 - 7 business days

Refunds and exchanges

Angelica Sollander is unfortunatley not able to accept any returns or exchanges of items bought from the online shop. However, if the item receives significant damages before it arrives in your mail box, please contact Angelica Sollander at within 7 days of receiving your order and we will do our best to help.

Make sure you photograph the packaging and the product right away, otherwise we will not be able to evaluate the damage.

Payment methods

All payments are made through through either Stripe or Paypal and Angelica Sollander is not responsible for the transactions.

Is your question not answered here?

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me at or in the contact section.

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